Yee-Haw! Nashville Here We Come!

Well, that was corny wasn’t it? 😉

I’m just so excited!

Our conference is going to be so awesome!

We’ve already got Alan Bechtold, Erik Stafford, Micheal Savoie,

Bob *the teacher* Jenkins, Ross Goldberg, Jason and Skye Mangrum,

and Kevin *Mr eBay* Johnson to agree to teach us their systems of making

cash online!

It’s going to be June 19-21 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Check it out here:
It may seem like a long way off, since I actually got out of school for

snowy weather today, but tickets are expected to sell out fast with

this world famous group-with more to be added soon.

Stay tuned to this blog-or better yet-my newsletter-for all the

details as they unfold!

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