What’s Nashville, Tennessee Known For?

Got a question for ya…

What’s Nashville, Tennessee known for?
That’s right! Creating stars!
Now, YOU can become a star
No, not a famous singer-something much better…
How about a wealthy entrepreneur?

Seventeen world-famous marketing mentors
Are all gathering in Nashville on June 19-21 to give you an
exiting “Information Fest” that you will never forget.

Each expert is going to reveal their secret systems, tips,
tricks, and tools that they use every day to
make a more-than-comfortable living online.

Each one is going to be available for discussions, possible
joint ventures, and photos.
(Won’t those look great on YOUR MySpace, Facebook, Bebo,

Every participant is going to be encouraged to meet others
in their niches
From ALL over the world! Joint venturing time is going to
be built right into the schedule!
It’s that important!

Are you a great graphic artist, but not so great
There’s sure to be dozens of wordsmiths that will want to
work with you there!

That’s just one kind of joint venture-the possibilities are

Just consider what you can offer and what you lack. Then
find someone to exchange with-win, win!
I can only imagine how many successful online marketers got
their first big break through
joint venturing with someone they met at a conference like
this one!

When I interviewed him at Ross Goldberg’s Masters Seminar
in Chicago, my friend, Joel Comm, revealed to me
that going to live conferences is his NUMBER ONE tip to
becoming successful!

I can speak from experience that a variety of conferences
have changed my life for the better!
I’ve had the opportunity to walk right up to several of my
“dream team,” marketers and request an interview.

That’s how I became TalkwithExperts.com host. I’ve hosted
teleseminars with guys and gals that I could have only
“dreamed” of ever talking with-now they’ve accepted my
invitation to speak at my conference in Nashville!
Talk about making dreams come true!

Want me to drop a few names? Sure, why not? I’m sure you’ll
know most of these experts…

Matt Bacak, Ross Goldberg, Erik Stafford, Stephanie Mulac,
Bob *the teacher* Jenkins, Alan Bechtold,
Jason and Skye Mangrum, Simon Leung, Lee and Robin Collins,
Kevin *Mr Ebay* Johnson,
Felicia Slattery, Micheal Savoie, and last,
but certainly not least, is a sweetheart of a guy you may
know named Willie Crawford.

The gang’s all coming to Nashville and we want YOU to join

Nashville is known for creating stars and making dreams
come true…
This year it’s going to create Internet Marketing STARS!

Seating is limited, so go ahead and register now to avoid
problems getting one of our special-rate rooms at the luxurious
Marriott Hotel
so you’ll be right there where the conference is happening.
The direct link to sign up for the hotel is on the site for your

We look forward to seeing you there!

Kristi Sayles

Co-host (with Phil Cullum)
of the Music City Marketing Conference

P.S. Recession proof your income now. I don’t see these
guys hurting for money. Why should you? If they can make a
nice living online, why can’t you? You can.
You just have to have a mentor. I’m
offering you three days of pure information from the cream
of the crop! You’re going to hate yourself
if you miss this event of the year-The Music City Marketing
Conference 2009!

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