What do you think about my 17 min interview?


These are the three questions Rob Toth asked me-but not JUST me, he also asked

some really amazing marketers that you’ll surely recognize…




Mike Mograbi
Chris Brisson
Alex Goad
Alice Seba
Dylan Loh
Andy Duncan
Kristi Sayles
Micheal Savoie
Erik Stafford
Stephanie and Greg Mulac
Gaj Subudhi
Sid Hale
Davin Ogden
Chris Hubbard
Jonny Andrews
Bill McRea
Kevin Riley
Jeff Mills
Willie Crawford
Doug Hudiburg
Brian McElroy

As a proven and respected leader in this industry…

(1) What is YOUR vision and prediction for where the Future of Information Marketing is headed?

(2) What is your #1 success tip for anyone considering information marketing or already involved?

(3) And what is the biggest challenge or pitfall that you feel holds individuals back from success in Information Marketing?

… This mastermind series is NOT a long, drawn out 60-minute teleseminar series or a pitch fest … The focus is on a brief 15 minute response to the our 3 very specific questions. The answers to these questions (especially coming from THE top experts in the field) could have a dramatic, positive, and immediate effect on your income.

The production of “The Future of Information Marketing: Pros, Cons and Predictions” is currently under way.

Once we have recorded the final interview, all of the audios will be packaged, along with a summary transcript into a brand-new $197 digital product…

(YES, the same content that you can right now access for free, will soon be sold as a $197 product.

See that “comments” button?  Please click it and let me know what you think about my interview,

as well as any of the others that you listened to. I’d really appreciate it!

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  • Teresa Hall says:

    Hi Kristi,

    I wanted to let you know that I just finished listening to your three question interview with Rob Toth. Apart from enjoying listening to that southern accent of yours, I loved your reply when Rob asked you what holds people back and you told him that people only need to do two things: they need to start and they need to finish! It sure brings it down to simplicity, doesn’t it.

    Every day I learn new things about how to make a living on the Internet, but what I really love is it really DOES come down to just two things, doesn’t it?

    Thanks for keeping it all in perspective, Kristi! You always have that smile in your voice that allows you to just lay it out there straight- and I sure do appreciate that!

  • Nando says:

    Hi Kristi,

    Just finished checking out your interview with Rob Toth and I really enjoyed it. I appreciate the warm, low key intensity you convey.

    You’re comments on product creation really sparked some motivation to take the next step. I hope to send you my homework soon.


  • Rangarajan says:

    Hey Kristi,

    That was one helluva performance you gave! Thanks for all those nuggets you spilled during the interview. Keep it up!

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