Want To Know the Secret of Creating Money Making Websites? Proper Long Tail Keyword Research

Practically nothing has a more instant or sustained impact on the financial success of any website, than the keywords the web page is optimized for.

If a web page is not receiving any traffic from the major search engines, simply changing the keywords the web page targets can have a remarkable impact. But receiving additional traffic from the various search engines is no guarantee that the traffic will produce any revenue.

The important thing is by using correct long tail keyword research to discover keywords which are not only found low competition, and yet which have commercial intent.

People using a search engine will be in one of these brilliant three categories:

1) Simply just browsing the internet with no real intent, or at the initial stage of research where they are having a look at what is available.

2) Looking into the selections available and are seeking the best products or services which fits their needs.

3) These people know what they want and are looking for a place to purchase it.

The better the keywords (a web page is optimized for) are to the third category, the higher the income the web page will produce.

Keywords in this third group are very specific and in most cases will not receive much traffic from the various search engines, but that traffic will arrive on a web site with their credit cards out, ready to spend…

When doing long tail keyword research, don’t be anxious too much about how much times the keyword is used in search engines. Target on whether the keyword has high commercial intent and is very specific.

Here’s an illustration:

The keyword “acne” may possibly get a lot of traffic but what precisely are the people who type that into the search engines searching for? It may be these:

– What is acne?

– How to treat acne?

– How to spell acne?

– Is acne a burden?

– What acne cures are out there?

– Do you know the best acne products?

– etc.

Consider these alternatively:

– How to eliminate acne fast?

– How to get rid of acne quickly?

Anybody who types those into search engines prefers a fast answer to their skin problem. A web page which promotes an acne cure and targets identical long tail keywords will probably produce a much higher income than a web page which targets a general keyword like “acne”.

So when creating a website, don’t get too hung up on the number of times a low competition keyword is used in the various search engines, but do look closely at the commercial intent of the keywords.

The ‘Easy Keyword Research’ Guide demonstrates you the correct way to conduct long tail keyword research to find money generating keywords that send you customers set to buy, instead of freebie grabbers and information gatherers.

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