Utilizing Autoresponders-The Money is in the List

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The money is in the list. Successful online merchants chant it often. Autoresponders should be an integral part of any internet business, especially in the field of marketing. However, many business owners do not realize this and therefore lose the opportunity to build a valuable list of subscribers.

Basically, autoresponders are programs that work by sending e-mail messages to potential and past customers automatically. Although there are programs available for one local computer only, the most reliable and most recommended for serious businesses are hosted online. The most popular are Get Response, Aweber, and iContact.

Why are internet businesses finding this tool useful?


  • Establish a relationship with customers:  Scientists in the marketing field have found that when a particular message is sent repeatedly to a person, it is far more likely to convince the reader to purchase or take a desired action. To convince someone to sign up for a list, the merchant needs to have a loss-leader, some kind of free offer that people get when they submit their email address. The smartest merchants use digital freebies that are intriguing to the particular niche. Over time, by sending automated emails with interesting content on a regular basis, the recipients will come to trust the merchant and actually look forward to the correspondence. When the merchant sends a paid offer, the recipients are highly likely to respond favorably.
  • Offer the capability to track advertising performance:  Autoresponder programs offer the service of counting the clicks and sales made due to the particular messages.The best programs will allow split-testing of the list, which will clearly show which advertisements were the most profitable.
  •  Offer deliverability:  It is worth mentioning that when you pay for autoresponder services, it is always the responsibility of the autoresponder service provider, Internet Service Providers ISP(s) to ensure your e-mails are sent and delivered successfully. Nowadays, most of these providers are keen to ensure the e-mails you send using the autoresponder do not go to the spam folder. They do this by performing spam tests. If a message fails the test, then you are advised accordingly. Get Response Autoresponder service allows up to 5 points per message. If the spam test shows more than 5 small warnings, it will be rejected until the offensive words are changed. These words may be as simple as free or be typed in capital letters-which is considered shouting online.
  • Comply with the law: The autoresponder providers ensure security. The law demands that e-mails sent should not be of pornographic nature or contain sensitive content. Therefore, as they will be hosted with their servers, a thorough check will therefore be done to ensure messages meet all the standards required by law.
  • Automate training: Time is saved by automating employee training. One does not need to send single files. Instead, the employer or merchant with an affiliate program, can upload all the content and set the time interval within which the files will be sent. According to several millionaires interviewed on “Mentored by Millionaires,” a World Talk Radio Show hosted by Kristi Sayles, autoresponders are directly responsible for huge online incomes. The money truly is in the list – if the list of subscribers has been treated with great respect.

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