Using Answer Websites to Get Free Traffic

In this lesson, I want to show you how to use answer websites. For example, Yahoo Answers and These are really good websites for getting traffic and more importantly, finding out what your niche market is interested in. If you spend some time on these sites, it is going to help you with product creation. It is going to help you with your content for article and blog creation.

You can find out what questions people in your niche have. You can also answer them because you will be someone who is well researched in your niche market. You can answer a question someone has and add a link back to your article or other content that provides them with information. Let me give you an example with golf as the example. You can type in golf slice and find what questions people are asking.

If you want to answer a question, add your answer in the given section.

You can pull some content from one of your articles. Copy the content and then paste it into the box. If you don’t have content about it, you can write one. You will need to add a source, and you can then link it right back to your actual content.

People can take a look at what you shared, and it will encourage them to click on that link to read all of the content. You should set up a profile within Yahoo Answers. It is a straight forward process. Then you can go to the various niches and you can type in keywords to find what those in your niche market are asking about.

You can share personal tips as part of the content. Make sure you share your resources for the content. There are multiple ways to use these types of websites. You will need to have a Yahoo account set up to use Yahoo Answers. You can do a combination of things – answer a few questions each day that you can answer in your niche.

There are plenty of them. This will help to build up your score on Yahoo Answers. It will improve your traffic and you will find that this tool tells you what your market wants. That translates into content ideas for your sources of content.

That is why answer sites are very valuable for you. It is also possible to do a Google search for Answer Websites or Question and Answer Websites.

Another big one to consider is Those are the two really big ones that you can use to leverage what your marketplace is looking for.

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