Technology Is Advantageous For Metal Sign Production, But Is It Good Or Bad For Customer Service?

The other night my spouse was having a problem with one of his many high tech “toys”. We placed a call to the customer support center where we sat on hold for almost an hour! While we waited I was surfing on my computer. I came across a cool site that was all about old fashioned tin metal signs. I pointed it out to my husband explaining that the metal signs we sell today are a big improvement. My husband replied that it was a shame customer service hasn’t seen a similar improvement. Granted, he was a little cranky from waiting for someone to answer his call, but it did get me thinking.

If technology has made metal signs better, why can’t we use it to make customer service better?

In the past tin was used to make metal signs. It was pressed and painted to look like the customer wanted. unfortunately the signs didn’t always hold up the way that they should. People began trying new techniques, and today aluminum is the choice for metal signs. Aluminum metal signs look great and stand up to the test of time.

On the other hand, customer service seems to be in a slow fall. Companies used to make customer service a priority. Friendly staff were in the store or available by phone. They listened to what you asked and answered your questions. They actually cared about your issues and they made you feel like a real person. But these days technology seems to have robbed the customer service experience in many businesses.

Nearly everyone has experienced difficulty reaching a “real person” when they are trying to contact a company. They pushed button after button in attempts to finally speak to someone, simply to be told that there was no one to take their call. If you choose to send an email( since you know no human will be answering the phone) and all you get is an automated response telling you someone will respond by the next day. And of course,that email with the answer never arrives. So you walk into a store and try to ask a question in person, but the person only knows how to quote prices or say a prepared speech. They don’t seem to even know anything about the products themselves.

One step forward with metal signs.  Two steps back for customer service.

Your custom metal sign is just a portion of an entire marketing program that you must create to help your business flourish. If marketing is about standing out in the crowd and attracting attention, why not use it for customer service? Small gestures made a big difference in how your clients and potential customers view your business. Why not randomly send a follow up email to make sure that your customers are happy with your company. Don’t try to sell anything, just make sure they are happy. Or occasionally call a customer to thank them for their business. Again this is not a sales call, it is superb customer service.

We take these steps and more to promote customer service in our company. We may be forward thinking in our signs, but we like being just a bit old fashioned in our customer service.

Sadly,that was not the case for my husband. When a person finally came on the phone he said that he was handling customer service for more than one company simultaneously. And that was the moment my husband gave up. He thanked the person on the phone and hung up. Now he wants to go shopping but has assured me that he will never buy a product from that particular company again.

A little food for thought, isn’t it?

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