Mark Joyner with me on Mentored by Millionaires August 30!

I just LOVE interviewing Mark Joyner!

He always gives such intelligent, helpful answers to my questions!

This will be my third interview with him and I’m sure it’s going to help lots of people because we’re going to
be discussing his content on

If you’re not familiar with Simpleology, you are in for a TREAT! It is a site with TONS of valuable content-and you won’t
believe how much of it is actually FREE!

This is not hype…I start almost every day by logging into .

Because it has tools there that help me to organize my day and focus on the things I really want to accomplish. It’s creates a to-do list-but
in a much more productive way! (That’s just one of the free tools, by the way. There are several others.

My recommendation?
Join Mark Joyner and me LIVE Monday night at 8:00 pm EST, 7:00 Central, 5:00 PT at

You can call 1-866-613-1612 and actually talk to Mark yourself during that time! If yo have a question about Simpleology, call in and
ask! If you’re too shy, just leave a comment on my blog here and I’ll ask for you.

If you just CAN’T make the call, and you’re not a member of my newsletter yet, I hope you’ll sign up for the replay and more gifts HERE.

No matter what, you should at least go get your free productivity tools now from You’d be crazy not to grab it!
PLUS,for now he’s offering Simpleology 101 and 202 – for free! Grab them here now!
Once you do that, you’ll be ready to call in and discuss them with Mark and me. :)

Be sure to leave a comment here after you get your free courses. You’re going to love them! Mark is great at using humorous
videos and experiments to get you to learn profound insights. That’s why I’m so tickled about interviewing him for my

What Can You Get For A Dollar?

What can a buck get you these days?

A greasy burger?

2 apples pies?

A small order of fries?


You can pull around to the second window at the
Mark Joyner Cafe and get your business SUPER-SIZED
Dollar Deal

This limited edition dollar deal just launched
this morning, so check out video Mark Joyner made
for you above real quick if you like getting in on
great deals.

Mark Joyner’s Code Name GG Contest-Guess What It Means!

That’s right, my friend, Mark Joyner, is having a cool contest.
If you guess what the GG means, you WIN!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard

about Mark Joyner’s mysterious Codename: “GG” launch.

What you may not know is that some serious marketing

mojo is being laid down at the “pre-launch blog” for it:
Mark Joyner’s Blog

Click that link immediately; because, I reckon the first two tips

alone will DOUBLE my sales this year. (and this blog is only going

to be up for about a week)

What the heck is this GG thing? I have no idea! But if Mark’s

doing it you can pretty much be assured it’s going to be

“insanely great” as Steve Jobs is so fond of saying.

I’m part of the whole thing and still don’t know exactly what it is!

All I know is that Mark’s Personal Assistant emailed me the other night and
asked if I could make a quick video for her. Well, I just so happened to get
a cool new flip camera for Christmas, so I decided to try it out.
(I don’t like how my hair looks and I hope nobody notices the mess on the
shelves behind me, but that’s just me. What I said, I meant.)

Don’t know what is up, but with Mark, it’s going to be something cool.
Check it out here on Mark’s Blog.
Mark Joyner