Mark Joyner with me on Mentored by Millionaires August 30!

I just LOVE interviewing Mark Joyner!

He always gives such intelligent, helpful answers to my questions!

This will be my third interview with him and I’m sure it’s going to help lots of people because we’re going to
be discussing his content on

If you’re not familiar with Simpleology, you are in for a TREAT! It is a site with TONS of valuable content-and you won’t
believe how much of it is actually FREE!

This is not hype…I start almost every day by logging into .

Because it has tools there that help me to organize my day and focus on the things I really want to accomplish. It’s creates a to-do list-but
in a much more productive way! (That’s just one of the free tools, by the way. There are several others.

My recommendation?
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Once you do that, you’ll be ready to call in and discuss them with Mark and me. :)

Be sure to leave a comment here after you get your free courses. You’re going to love them! Mark is great at using humorous
videos and experiments to get you to learn profound insights. That’s why I’m so tickled about interviewing him for my

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Here is my line up as of July 13. If the date is passed, just click on the “guests” link and find your
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June 21: Brian Bagnall -Facebook Ad Expert

June 28: Rob Toth – Managing affiliate programs

July 12: Court Cunningham: CEO of gives great advice for entrepreneurs

July 19: Stephanie J Hale

July 26: Brian Klemmer

Aug 2: Ken McArthur

Aug 9: Alan Bechtold

Aug. 16: Scott Lovinggood

Aug. 23: Matt Bacak

Aug. 30: Mark Joyner

Sept: 13: Joshua Shafran

Brian Bagnall on Mentored by Millionaires TONIGHT !

Forget TV tonight! (For at least an hour anyway. My show is on from 8-9 pm EST, 7 pm Central,
and 5 pm PT.

Tune in HERE to learn from Brian Bagnall-Facebook Social Ad Millionaire! Brian began his career as a real estate investor with only $3000 in start-up
capital-now, he has a company called Bagnall and Associates and he advises major brand name corporations and Fortune 500 companies! He’s helped hundreds of clients become millionaires and even multi-millionaires! He’s considered to be one of the most respected, well-known direct-response marketing experts in the world!

My subscribers want to know the answers to the following questions…

If you have a question, use the comments and let me know
what YOU want me to ask him…but hurry! The show is tonight at 8 pm EST-7 Central!

1. How do Facebook Social Ads work?
2. How much does it cost to get started?
3. What markets are effective for advertising on Facebook?
4. How do I know if it will work for my business?
5. How do I choose my keywords?
6. What triggers the ad to pop up?
7. How much should I bid?
8. Can I use Facebook to generate leads? If so, how?
9. Can I use Facebook just to brand myself?
10. Where can I get images to use in my ads?
11. How do I use Facebook to build trust?
12. What do you consider THE most important thing about using
Facebook Social Ads?
13. What if I don’t have anything to advertise? How do I find a product and
make money?

World Talk Radio Show- Mentored by Millionaires

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My first guest will be Brian Bagnall-Facebook Ad Expert!

Facebook Ad Expert

He’s amazing! He’ll help YOU make money with this little-known technique!

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Here are the others scheduled:

June 28: Rob Toth
July 5: Replay due to the holiday
July 12: Court Cunningham
July 19: Stephanie J Hale
July 26: Brian Klemmer
Aug. 2: Ken McArthur
Aug. 9: Alan Bechtold
Aug. 16: Scott Lovinggood
Waiting to hear from a few people for the Mondays in between here.
Sept. 13: Joshua Shafran

I’m in the process of adding more incredible people, but have to work out the dates!
Stay tuned!

Simon Leung Just Joined the Music City Conference! :)

Simon’s awesome.

I was blessed enough to go to Ross Goldberg’s seminar in Chicago, and

Simon gave such great information that everyone could really USE that I knew

I had to persuade him to come all the way from Singapore to speak for me!

And he’s coming! And just look at all the others in the post before this one!

Better get your tickets now before they sell out. Seating really is limited.

Dancing with Elves-Alan Bechtold, Erik Stafford, Mike Morgan and Kristi Sayles :)

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