Smart Author System Membership-Update

Well, I’ve got my membership plan ready to implement.

I’m working on improving the website

at , but

I like the voice over my buddy, Todd Gross, did for me. 🙂

I’m planning to run the entire thing through Clickbank – so

I don’t have to worry about getting shut down by that “other”

payment processor again. lol

Just as soon as I get the green light from Clickbank, I plan to start

accepting students.

I already have several “pre-enrolled” in all levels.

I’m a teacher and I always notice that the brightest,

most involved students sit the closest to the front of

the class when given a chance. That’s why I’ve decided to

name my three levels: First Row, Second Row, and Third Row.

The closer to the “front” you are, the more personal attention

and rewards you’re given. 🙂

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