Scott Lovingood on Mentored by Millionaires Tonight!

Scott LovingoodIt’s going to be another fascinating episode of Mentored by Millionaires tonight! I’m interviewing Scott Lovingood. I met Scott through Mark Joyner. Mark has a coaching program and Scott is one of HIS trusted coaches. Scott seems to know something about everything-which his perfect SAT score can attest to!
He calls himself a serial entrepreneur and mad genius! I’m going to ask him about those nicknames for sure.
But I’m especially interested in how his vast experience can help the average man or woman to achieve the freedom that wealth offers.
Tune in tonight at 7 pm Central, 8 pm EST, 5 PT, to

Be sure to bookmark it, because here’s the line up:

August 16: Scott Lovingood
August 23: Matt Bacak
August 30: Mark Joyner
Sept 13: Joshua Shafran

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UPDATE: Get Your Scott Lovingood Interview Here!

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