Redbox Franchise, Are They Profitable?

Through some keyword research I was doing on “franchises”, I discovered that many people were looking at the Redbox Franchise.   Redbox’s are DVD vending machines that rent DVD’s for $1 per day. Turns out, tons of people looking at franchises were typing in the keyword into Google.  It’s possible that idea of owning a machine that collects money for many people’s favorite past time (watching movies) is a possibly profitable business concern.

So I looked deeper into the Redbox Franchise opportunity, and discovered that there is no such thing.   The entire Redbox business is owned by McDonalds and they are not sharing that business model with people off the street.

I then started to think about the whole concept and realized that even if someone could buy a Redbox Franchise, I would not recommend it.  With technology changing so incredibly quickly, people may not even use such machines in the not so distant future.  With the 4G mobile phones soon to come out that will allow us to download movies to our phones and then send them to our flat screen monitors, even the cutting edge DVD vending machines may soon be obsolete.

Additionally, the cost for those big machines is probably very crucial.  You have to rend a lot of DVD’s to pay for a machine with as much technology as there must be in Redbox DVD vending machines.

When looking for businesses that can survive in an uncertain economy, it is probably best to find a business that will grow with technology and that people really need.  There are many other franchise opportunities besides the non-existent RedBox one, but franchises are very expensive and take a serious commitment.

The fastest way to creating significant income today is by learning how to market something on the internet. There are thousands of stories of people that lost their job or suffered some financial calamity and then found success online.  Unfortunately, for every successful online marketer, there are 95 others that lost money or never made a penny.

Most successful businesses on the internet have learned to capitalize on the specific techniques, strategies and tactics that are unique to the internet.  People that want to start a new business with minimal risk and start-up cost should find a solid online marketing training or mentoring program. 

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