Press Releases for Getting Links

While you may be familiar with using press releases to attract local news media to your business sector or event, have you ever considered using press releases for link building?

The world of public relations is changing.  It used to be that the only way for someone to sustain publicity was to write a press release, submit it to her local newspapers, radio stations, and TV stations, then call in a day or two to be sure it was received. This would give the media personnel a chance to look over the PR and decide whether or not they wanted to pursue a news report based on the content.

While this is still true for local, brick and mortar type businesses, nowadays a press release is frequently posted and submitted to online publicity sites such as PRNewswire and Pitch Engine.  These sites put out the release announcing the event or providing the information to the internet and social media worlds. Incorporate these principles with your automated target=”_blank”>lead system.

Actually, both methods work, and both can be used to build links to your website. It’s just that local, release links won’t be live. They can, however, drive tons of traffic to your site, and they can get you links on media websites if they choose to post your PR there.

When creating a press release to release to online sources, you process them much like a web page on your site, with some added promotion thrown in for good measure.  Be sure your press release uses good SEO tactics, such as keywords that target your audience and is well written. Check for grammatical mistakes, spelling errors and misused words. If you’re not qualified to write it well, hire a professional. It’s worth the minimal cost to have it done right.

Once you have your press release in hand, create a page for it on your website. Now, you can begin the promotion.

  • Submit the page link to various directories and indices.
  • Add the link to your signature file in forums and on guest blog posts.
  • Post the press release on your blog.
  • Send it to free press release submission sites.
  • Search Google for “submit your PR” or “submit your press release” and you’ll find, not only PR sites like PRWeb, but you’ll also find a ton of blogs, ezines, and websites that will gladly post your press release for you—with a link back to your site.
  • Use every means at your disposal to get a link using that PR.

While you may think that press releases are old hat and no one uses them any more, the results may surprise you. Try writing a good press release about an approaching event or something special your company is doing. Use the methods mentioned above to promote it well online. You’ll soon find out for yourself the treasure of using press releases for link building.

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