Pagerank Linking Strategy

Website linking through off page linking is a very significant tactic to utilize within your efforts in building good rankings with in the search engines. If you are wondering what are off page links, off page links are exactly what it sounds like, links that are placed on someone else’s web site and link back to your site .  Pagerank and website popularity is affected by off page linking.

Let me give you a quick explanation about Pagerank and how your links play a big part in your ranking before we go any further with off page linking.  Google has a patented method called pagerank which is used for evaluating page importance on a scale from one to ten, where10 is the peak.  The quality and quantity of links that point to a page are analyzed by the Google pagerank algorithm .

The anchor text is thought of the most significant factor in off page linking.  The text that you click on to activate the hyperlink to another web sites page or just simply to another web site or affiliate link is called the anchor text.  Anchor text is the text that people see when they click a link and the description of the link itself.

When participating in a website linking strategy, it is very important that you correctly link your website or blog using the keyword or words and key phrase or phrases that you are trying to get your web site to rank for.

Don’t forget to change up your off page linking.  What I mean by this is you should not use the exact same phrase each time, make sure you change it up.  Different phrases should be used ,remember to always insure they are the keywords or phrases that you are trying to rank for within the search engines .

A good off page website linking strategy will help you build your page reputation and inturn your internet online marketing business.

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