Need Cash Quickly?

Hope your weather is better than mine has been!
Yesterday, we had to keep our students until 3:45-even though
school was out at 2:30 due to storms.

This morning, I dragged myself out of bed after a sleepless
night of winds and rain, only
to discover that school had been canceled for the day due to
storm damage! We knew it was going to be bad, so we had invited
Terry’s mom to stay with us for the night.
She’s 85 and lives alone by choice. As I drove her home this
morning, I was grateful not to have trees down in my yard-like
so many others did.
Since I’ve had some unexpected free time on my hands, I visited
my favorite forum – the Warrior Forum. That’s where I picked
up this helpful article for you below. Hope you like it!
(I especially like the idea of the dog sitting job. I have to
leave my terrier, Max, with the vet when Terry and I go somewhere.
I’d MUCH rather leave him with a nice pet lover with a fenced-in
Here’s the article by Paula S.

Someone asked me if they could share this thread with their list.
I just wanted to let everyone know that you are free to share
this information with your list, family, and friends. Hope it
helps as many people as possible.
Almost every time I read through threads on the Warrior Forum I
see someone asking, “How can I make money quickly?” There
have been many times in the past few years that I have asked
myself that same question.

I began internet marketing back in the late 1990’s with paid to
surf and paid to click programs. In 2001 I started as an
affiliate and worked my way up to to the top ten list of my
merchant a few years later. My sites were making about $3,000 a
month passively.

The one thing I wanted more than anything in life was to become a
mom. My dream was to adopt. In 2007 I took the plunge, sold the
sites, and began the adoption journey. My son came home about two
years later. He is the joy of my life and I am so thankful for
him and our family.

Selling the sites helped pay the adoption costs, but I wasn’t
used to the lower income each month. I am slowly building my
affiliate marketing back up, but there have been some times when
I needed some quick cash for daycare, car payment, etc.

Below are all the ways that have worked for me when I needed to
earn money in a very short period of time. I hope that they will
help you earn extra money quickly when you need it.

Get a Paypal Debit Card

My first piece of advice if to get a Paypal debit card if you are
in the U.S.. Many of the ways you can make a same day profit
involve getting paid through Paypal. Paypal will transfer the
money to your bank account, but that takes 3-4 business days to
complete. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been in situations
where I couldn’t wait 3-4 days to access my money.
The solution is to get a Paypal debit card. Once it arrives you
can get paid through Paypal and then immediately withdraw your
money from an ATM. It is a Mastercard debit card so you can also
use it anywhere credit cards are accepted.

I recommend going to Paypal right now and ordering the card here:…ntro&nav=0.2.2
That way you will have it the next time you are in a financial
crunch and need to access your earnings quickly.

Sell on Ebay

If you sell something on Ebay and choose the Buy It Now option,
you can require buyers to pay you through Paypal immediately upon
purchasing your item. Then you can access that money instantly
with your Paypal debit card.
This is my favorite way to make quick cash.

In the last 60 days I have made $178 through finding things in
the house to list on Ebay. Generally I sell football cards
because I used to collect them and know I can sell them quickly.
However, sometimes I just look around the house and find
something. Some things that have sold well for me are sports
cards, coin sets, and clothing lots.

If I really need money that same day here is what I do. I search
for an item identical or similar to what I’m sellling. Then I
click the button that says completed items on the left hand

First I click the listings that sold at the highest price. I read
their description to see what information they included and it
was formatted. When I list my item I try to use similar
information and keywords. I also try to word my title in a way
that is similar to theirs. Then I try to figure out the average
selling price. I price mine about 10% less and list it as a Buy
It Now.

When I have a good picture, a good description, and list the Buy
It Now at a little less than the average selling price I can
always sell the item the same day I list it.

Selling on Ebay gets even better starting April 19th! After that
date you will be able to list up to 50 items for sale each month
with no listing fee. Also, you will be able to add a Buy It Now
price for free.

Sell on Craigslist

Ebay is my favorite place to sell items that are easy to ship.
Items that are heavy or awkward to ship I list on my local
Craigslist site. At different times I have sold stuffed animals,
a mattresses, a futon, and a desk. Once I even sold some boxes
from storage that were just full of odds and ends I no
longer wanted.

I always add a couple of photos to my listings. You can upload
them to Craigslist right from your computer and it doesn’t cost
anything… so why not?

The great thing about Craigslist is that your buyer is local, you
get paid in cash, and sometimes it helps you get rid of some
bulky things that are just taking up space in your house.

Sell at a Pawn Shop

If something is not easy to ship through selling on Ebay, and it
hasn’t sold on
Craigslist, I take it up to a local pawn shop. I used to think
pawn shops only bought a few types of items like jewelry and

However, I decided to give it a try and took up some things that
didn’t sell on
Craigslist… a crystal vase I never opened, a crystal bowl in a
old torn up box, and a Precious Moments figurine I forgot I even

The pawn shop bought all three and I had $5 cash in my pocket.
Now that’s not a lot of money, but at times it’s that extra $5
you need to buy a gallon of milk and cereal.

Have a Garage Sale

Do you have a LOT of things taking up space in your house that
you can sell. The best option might be a garage sale. You can
make over $100 in one day if you have enough items to sell.

I have only held my own garage sale a couple of times, but I do
make money at OTHER people’s garage sale’s a couple times a year.

Here’s how I do it.

Let friends and family members know that you would love to do a
garage sale with them if they decide to have one. Bring the few
things you do have for sale… AND a cooler full of ice and
bottles of water. I stock up on water when it is on sale at CVS.
Sometimes you can get it for around $0.10 a bottle in a 24 pack.
Make a big sign that says Ice Cold Bottled Water and put it above
the cooler.

I have charged between $0.50 and $1.00 per bottle. On hot summer
days here in Florida I usually make around $50 profit just from
selling the water.

Become a Dog Sitter (My Favorite Idea!)

Do you love animals? Then you can earn good money right away as a
dog sitter!

My experience with dog sitting is as a buyer… a desperate
buyer! I had plans to go away for spring break and made plans
with my regular dog sitter.
The dog sitter canceled at the last minute, and I was left
looking for a good place to leave my two dogs for the weekend. I
was leaving Friday afternoon and coming back Monday evening.

All the kennels I called were going to charge me for all three
days. The price was going to be over $100. Plus I would rather
leave my pets with someone who has a fenced yard and a house
where they can be out during the day.

I headed to the Services:Pets section on Craigslist. There were
dog sitters listed, but everyone I called was completely booked.
After calling every dog sitter on three pages of ads I finally
found someone with an opening. Her ad was really cute. It said
she was a “bed and breakfast” for dogs and that they would
become a part of her family while they were there. I was sold.
She charged me $60 for the weekend and took payment through
Paypal ahead of time.

While I was making calls I asked the sitters how much business
they got from
Craigslist. Most said they got calls for dog sitting almost every
day. Others had regular clients who would leave dogs with them
every day while they were at work. Most of the people charged
between $20-$30 a day per dog at their home. If they have regular
clients and get calls every day I imagine some of them are making
close to $100 a day taking care of pets in their home.

Other dog sitters didn’t even keep the dogs at their own homes.
They charged around $15-$20 a visit to come feed and walk your
dogs. If you needed them to come take your dogs out three times a
day, you would be paying them $45 a day. All they need is two
clients a day to make around $100 a day feeding and walking dogs
a few times a day.

For the next couple of months I am still in an apartment.
However, this summer when I get into a house with a fenced
backyard… I am going to put an ad on Craigslist to be a dog
sitter! I love animals and it will be great to make some extra
money each week by having a dog or two spend some time with us.

To me this is the PERFECT opportunity to make money if you want
to work from home and love animals!

Write Articles

Once in awhile I will offer my services as an article writer when
I want some money deposited in my Paypal account to pay for other

You can offer your services on sites like,, and

On the Warrior Forum you can pay $20 to list your article writing
services in the Warriors for Hire section. If you don’t have that
$20 yet you could add a signature to your posts letting people
know that you are available for writing along with your prices.
Then you can post informative, well-written posts in the forum
where your signature can be seen.

Most of my article writing days were before I found the Warrior
Forum. I advertised my services on the Digital Point forums. I
offered a special to the first five buyers. If they ordered ten
350 word articles for $100, they would get five articles free.

People bought those first five spots and left reviews. After that
I continued to write articles in sets of ten for $100. Some
people wanted longer articles so I would do five articles of 700+
words for the $100.

The reason I had people order in sets that equal $100 is because
all their articles were usually on the same topic which made them
easier to research and write.

When I wrote the articles I would read about the topic on
Wikipedia and authority sites. Then I would think of the main
points I wanted to make and just start writing in a
conversational way that would engage the reader.

Lately, I buy more articles and reviews for my own sites more
often than I sell them. However, for those who like writing, I
believe it would be even easier today to sell sets of unique
articles for $100 or more. There are always people looking for
unique content from someone who does quality work.

Offer A Fiverr Gig

Full disclosure: I have not made money offering a service on
Fiverr. However, I included it because I have purchased MANY
fiverr gigs.

Fiverr is a site where you can make $4 every time someone buys
your gig. You can offer almost anything! I have bought typical
gigs like articles, links, and research. However, I’ve also
bought promotional videos of someone dunking a basketball and
someone dancing in a hot dog outfit!

Try to make your gig stand out by uploading a picture and a video
if you can make one. Make your description funny or unique in
some way.

One popular category is video reviews. If you have a video camera
this might be a good one for you. You can complete the gig in
just a few minutes and make $4.

Make sure your customers are happy so they will give you a thumbs
up, positive review. Some people (like me) use the number of
positive reviews as a deciding factor when choosing between
different providers. However, I will try someone new if they
write a good description or add a sample.

Fiverr might be the perfect place for you to earn your first
money online. The
drawback is that you have to wait 14 days after a gig to withdraw
the money to your Paypal account. However, once you get a stream
of orders coming you can have a constant flow of available funds

Flip Domains or Sites

If you have already been online for awhile you may own some
domains and/or
websites. I generally have 30-40 domains at any one time and
about a dozen sites.

If I need a small amount of money sometimes I will sell one of my
smaller sites that isn’t making much money yet or that I don’t
want to work on anymore. Depending on the site I can make between
$30-100 dollars quickly.

If you have a domain you want to sell, try adding a quick site to
it first. If you don’t know how to set up a quick mini site
yourself you can get one made for $5 – $25 on Fiverr,
Digitalpoint, or Warrior Forum.

If you have a larger site that is already making money, my advise
is to hold onto it for long-term profit. However, selling a
profitable site is one idea to make same day profits…
especially if you need the money for something important.

I have sold three sites for over $5,000 each to fund my son’s
adoption. I am so happy I had those sites available to sell when
I really needed that money.

He is home now and things are great!


These are some of the things that have worked for me when I
needed money quickly. I hope you picked up some ideas or tips
that will help you if you are ever in the same situation.

OK, it’s me, Kristi, again…

Hope you picked up a few useful nuggets!

PS Are you planning to attend the June JVAlert in Washington, D.C.?
I am and I would LOVE to meet you! (Must get a dog sitter, though!)

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