Mark Joyner’s book “Mind Control Marketing”

Mark Joyner’s book “Mind Control Marketing” is out of print.

Used copies of it are being sold on the Amazon marketplace
for $500 a pop!

Mark released it as an ebook a few months ago and today it’s
still being sold for $500.


Anyway, to mix things up (as Mark likes to do) he has put
two chapters of the book up online that you can download
right now:
Get them now.

When you see the cartoons in the book – and the stunning
simplicity of the ideas – it’s easy to see why this book
has created such a stir …

Robert Anton Wilson called it “the best book of the new

Joe Vitale called it “… a masterpiece.”

What did you learn?
What surprised you?
What was the most interesting?
What did you agree with?
What did you disagree with?

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