I’ve Never Been So Impressed With a Software Program-Really.

Article Video Creator is the coolest software I’ve ever seen.

You can create videos within 5 minutes flat-no camera needed.

All you do is copy and paste an article into a box.

The software divides it into paragraphs that it shows as a video!

You have several choices of voices-or you can record your own.

There’s background and other pics to choose from or you can add your own.

This is just SOOOO cool.

As soon as I tried the demo, I was hooked.

This is for anyone that has ANYTHING to promote.

The software EVEN distributes the videos to more than 17 video sites!

The testimonials are from people you know like Ken Reno and Willie Crawford-I’m
crafting mine now.

I wish I’d created this software!

Article Video Creator

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