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  • 8 August, 2009
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Kristi: I often hear people say that they have absolutely nothing
to write about-that they live very simple, boring lives and just
do not have any niche to write within. What advice do you
have for those people that want to make money with information
products, but just don’t know how to begin?

Dr. Mani:
The simple premise on which “Think, Write & Retire!” is based is this:
“Everyone is an expert – at something, to someone.”
Yes, that includes YOU!
If you have lived on the face of this planet for any length of time, you have gained knowledge, been caught up in events and circumstances, read, listened to and seen stuff, had access to resources, and enjoyed experiences that are unique to you. And chances are that there are people out there who want or need you to share them – because they see value in it.
No, not ALL that you’ve gone through has equal value. But some of it definitely does. And one chapter of my book guides you through a self-exploratory process through which you can identify what you know – and find out who wants it.

In essence, it involves going over all that you’ve done and seen in your life, from childhood through wherever you are today, in your upbringing, education, job, parenting and more – and then gleaning the biggest lessons, insights and take-always you’ve gained and acquired.
Once you know those, finding an audience which values and wants it – and is willing to pay for it – will ensure your success as an infopreneur. And believe me, there is an audience on the World Wide Web for *almost* anything!

Kristi: How do you feel about using private label products?
Do you buy them or use them?

Dr. Mani: Private label content, where you get to claim ownership and have creative licence over using and/or modifying the content someone else creates, can be useful in building a new content resource or creating content packages for specific purposes (like bonuses, or gifts, or incentives for opt-in list building).

However, considering that you anyway have to modify and edit PLR products extensively before you can make them sufficiently ‘unique’, it often isn’t worth the time and effort – especially if you can come up with an equivalent on your own.

Of course, in niches where you are not expert or experienced enough, PLR content helps you get a toe-hold quickly, though if you plan to be in any niche as an infopreneur for the long haul, you’ll still have to grow your own expertise in the area.

I occasionally buy PLR content to use in my niche content blogging activities, though it never is the mainstay of my own work.
Kristi: Once I have an information product, what’s the best
3 ways to market it if I’m starting with no list or prospects?

Dr. Mani: Everyone starts with no list or prospects, so this is a very important question. Some people are savvy at leveraging their resources to scale up and grow rapidly, while others flounder about, struggling for years.

Today, any infopreneur starting out from scratch and looking to grow traffic and visibility for a new web resource, would do well to pursue three activities:
* blogging
* article marketing
* social networking
In ‘Think, Write & Retire’, one chapter is devoted to a 30-day marketing plan that taps heavily into these three activities, and was designed to be used by a complete beginner who wishes to become an Internet infopreneur.

But what is more important is the section about leverage, which teaches infopreneurs how to take an initial trickle of visitors and subscribers, and turn them into a flood of referrals and delighted customers. That’s the way to build a sustainable and profitable information business that grows and thrives over time.

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Dr.Mani’s new book, “Think, Write & RETIRE!” shows how to turn words into wealth as an Internet Infopreneur. It doesn’t matter if you’re a retiree or a researcher, a house-wife or a heart surgeon, a student or a sales-person. You can turn your expertise into cash in the bank – as an infopreneur!
Order your copy today and win over $500 in gifts, bonuses and free goodies.
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