How To Use Videos, Articles, & Blogs For Fast Incomes

Here’s how to generate some extra cash using free sources nearly secured. All that it will take is writing a number of contents, setting up a couple of free blogs, and Federal Reserve note a couple of videos that you acquire from YouTube.

The thought at this point isn’t to get rich off of this method but simply to get~obtain~acquire~dig up}  it to where it’s making you a few sales. Then you just duplicate what you’re doing and rinse and repeat to bring in a cool it flow of sales that can assist you with your every month bills or even replace your usual income from your work.

What you’ll wish to do is find a niche or market that you like and then do a little keyword research using WordTracker and Google to observe how many searches are done each day or month on your keywords. Don’t free fall too much time on this. The gurus will have you believe that you require to spend hours and hours if not days on this and you simply don’t require to use more than 5-10 minutes.

After you decide your keywords for your niche go to Clickbank and find a high gravitational attraction yield or just any product that matches the niche that you select and looks like it has a high converting sales page. If it looks like a sales page that you would buy from yourself, chances are this will work just fine.

Then go to Blogger or WordPress and setup a free blog. Make a quick post listing the benefits of the product you chose and do a quick critique of the product. Since this is a market that interests you can easilysupply your own experiences or ideas on your review product.

Go to YouTube and check if there are any videos that will relate to your product that you’re promoting. You will be amaze how many people build videos just because they’re passionate about the thing and they don’t even brand the videos with their web address.

Using YouTube videos can be very effectual to append to your blog to help resell in a non-intrusive way.

Example: Lets say you chose a gardening niche and discover a great product on Clickbank. Then you went to YouTube and found some very great videos on certain gardening tips. You put those videos on your blog and a link to the product your promoting.

Next go to Ezine Articles and write 5 or 6 articles relating to your product and link back to your blog in your bio.

Then go to and social bookmark your new blog post. You can also use OnlyWire to social bookmark to several sites at once for better coverage.

While your waiting for new sales to come in, you clone what you just did with a new niche. After a while you will have many articles, videos and blogs with lots of sales coming in!

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