How To Use PLR Products To Create Online Businesses


How To Use PLR Products To Create Online Businesses

If you’ve been reading my stuff for very long you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE products that I can get the private label rights to. Right now I have over 25 gigs of PLR content on my computer and I use a bit at least 3-4 times a week in various niches. So today I just wanted to share a few ways that I use PLR content to make money in my affiliate marketing businesses, my niche businesses, and in teaching Internet marketing.

1. Squeeze pages – The first part of every marketing campaign is setting up a squeeze page. I create a squeeze page about once a week for my various niches and offers within those niches. When doing so I always grab some related PLR content and reuse it for giveaways for the squeeze page.

2. Bonus offers – A great tactic in affiliate marketing is to create bonus packages to entice people to buy through your links. PLR content is a great way to create huge unique bonus offers. Just make sure you use content that is related to the topic of the product you are promoting.

3. Educational content – The one thing I always need is content to educate my readers on the topic they are interested in. For instance I’m in the personal finance niche. I send the people on my list for that niche all kinds of things to educate them. This makes them like me because I’m giving them stuff, and trust me because I’m seen as an expert. Those two things will get people BUYING from you!

4. Resell Rights Products – Another great tactic I have used it to setup a product you have PLR to on a domain name. Make sure the domain name is related to the topic of the PLR product. Then have an upsell where they can get the rights to sell the product. You can offer regular resell rights (where only they can sell the product and not their customers too) or master resell rights (where they and their customer can sell the product) as the upsell for the product.

5. Niche Membership Sites – I have 3 different niche memberships that bring me in monthly cash and I use nothing but PLR content in them. All of them are in niches outside of Internet marketing, but they are HUGE niches. Each month I put a ton of new content in, and the members love it. This is a great tactic for creating a recurring income!

6. Create huge products – The biggest a product is the more money you can charge for it. A lot of times I will find several different PLR products and put them together to create a huge product. Take a few video tutorials, some reports, a few ebooks, and bam you can have a huge product that people will pay a premium price for!

7. Content sites – I have made money for several years now with Adsense. However I make a little money from each site so I don’t like spending a ton on content. I create at least a hundred sites a year so that would get expensive if I had to pay for content. I simply break up PLR ebooks into articles and create awesome content sites that do really well!

I could go on and on here… My point is there are a ton of ways to make money with PLR products and the 7 tactics I just spelled out for you could all be business models on their own! So when you come across a PLR offer make sure you snatch it up. You’ll be amazed at all the different ways you can use PLR to help you in your business!

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