How Do Your WordPress Plug-ins Compare?

Perhaps most IM marketers automatically think WordPress is meant only for the blogging world. Truth is you can use WordPress as your regular IM website, and not just as a regular blog, either. WordPress, as you may or may know, is what is called a Content Management System (CMS) which offers great flexibility with applications, etc. What’s really great about this are all the plugins that are always being developed, and you can get your blog/site to do just about anything you want. So we put together an article that discusses the various IM related plugins you might want to check out. This is for your blog desing but for drive traffic to this blog I recomend you a new traffic machine called Auto Mass Traffic and you can read more about it in my other blog post.

Every internet marketer and blogger should have the FD Feedburner Plug-in. Feedburner is powerful, and this plugin will let translate your existing blog feed right into a Feedburner feed. Some people don’t always want to visit a site, so they can subscribe to the RSS feed and have the content delivered to them. With RSS your readers will be alerted whenever you update your site. So it’s nice because with an RSS subscription it’s fast and easy to read new content, etc. The Feedburner Plug-in is good because Feedburner feeds are accessible by just about every feed reader on the internet. SEO Friendly Images is incredibly helpful for internet marketers who plan on displaying a lot of images within their text. We’re sure you know the importance of performing SEO, or optimizing, the text content on your site. Were you aware that you can optimize the images on your site? Well, SEO Friendly Images will make it easier to assign Alt tags and Titles to your images. You can set the settings for this function and then whenever the plug-in detects an image that does not already have the Alt and Title tags in place it will simply add them for you. So if you’re going to use images heavily, then this will help save you some time. Remember that Auto Mass Traffic can bosst your traffic quickly.

Google Analyticator is a must have for every internet marketer. This is tremendous because you can track your site visitors without needing to install a bunch of code onto your site. Ok, it’s probably that the most reliable form of website stats are produced by Google Analytics. You know that in order to track your sales and your conversion rates you need to pay attention to the reports generated by Google. With other applications, if you forget to insert the tracking code, it won’t ever work, so you need to use it important for it to work. There is nothing at all to install in order for the Google Analyticator to track for you.

The degree of popularity certainly suggests WordPress is the CMS that people love. Online marketers are using it in so many ways such as landing, sales, video, and squeeze pages. As you know by now, it can be customized and its functions altered with plugins. As an internet marketer you need a website that is fully functional and easy for you to customize. So with all of these features and benefits, this may be exactly what you need.

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