Have you heard the news about Twitter?

Did you hear the news today? Twitter, in just a matter of months,
has gone from 6 million to 8 million U.S. users alone.. In fact
Joel Comm predicts that by the end of the summer, it will top

There is a trick that will allow you to rope in THOUSANDS of
Twitter “followers”, even if you have no list of your own of
any kind right now, all in a matter of just hours.
HOURS! – and they can be TARGET’ED followers.

Watch more about this here:


How do I know it works? Because we have used it, and with just
a few hours work, we have been able to get over a thousand
followers instantly.

The $5 Twitter Trick is also the best resource guide to date,
in terms of all the additional services that you can use
to optimize your twitter follower-base. (And turn followers
into a “real list” of leads and buyers)

That’s the $5 Twitter Trick… catch the
wave of millions coming onto Twitter right now!

Watch more about it RIGHT here

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