Good Writing Skills Are Still Essential!

Imagine being able to write a good essay or a report in an instant and without any problems!

Despite the technological advancement and the use of audio and video there are still many situations where you have to write – especially if you are in school where you are assigned a lot of essays.

Many people freeze up and get frustrated as soon as they sit down to write. It does not have to be that way and this article will explain how easy it is!

Essays need to be interesting and informative as well as have a certain structure. If your essay is badly structured it does not help that the content is good. Your readers will not get your message and this is what matters most!

Writing is easy! It could be said that it is just another form of speaking. You could also say that speaking is a form of writing.

So it is really simple. Write as you speak basically!

It is best if you use fairly short sentences – 15 words or so – and not many long and complicated words unless it is necessary, due to the subject. A paragraph should not be too long either – around five sentences is good.

You help the reader a lot with putting in white space between the paragraphs. It makes it much easier to read.

Before starting to write you should sit down with a pen and paper and start planning your essay. You must start by reading the assignment very carefully and be certain you really understand what you are to write about.

My history teacher always told us: “when you have read the headline you have done half of your homework!”. I think it holds true still although it was a long time ago.

You will find that you are more creative using pen and paper than when typing on a keyboard. Personally I find it very helpful to make a simple mindmap or two to structure my thoughts. I also find them very helpful if I have to present the subject in a meeting or in class. When you have done this it is time to start typing.

We are certainly lucky to have computers these days with word processors which include spell checkers. There is also special software available to help you write good essays.

There are five sections in an essay as follows:

#1. Outline.

In the outline you start out with three or more ideas and then elaborate them. It is a good way to structure your essay.

#2. Introduction.

Your introduction is very important! This is where you catch the readers’ interest and you make them want to read your essay to the end. You also introduce the topic and tell the readers what the essay is about.

#3. Thesis.

This is the central and most important part of your essay. You are stating your point here.

#4. Body.

In this part you go into details to explain your point and your reasons for it. With your words you will show the readers what is important and essential. Here you should use strong verbs and the present tense.

#5. Conclusion.

In the conclusion you sum up your points of view and underline the most essential things you have been discussing in your essay. Usually three to five sentences are enough.

There you have the structure! Now you just have to fill in the content.

Fortunately there is good software available which will prompt you through the whole process so you won’t forget anything. I suggest you take a look at such software since it will be a very good investment. You will write better essays and save time as well.

The software also contains some good examples and more detailed explanations for each section than what is possible in this short article. You will also easily find good essays on the internet which you can model and learn from.

As with any skill – practice makes the master!

It is best that you write for short periods of time – 10 to 20 minutes or so. If you write longer you will probably start criticizing yourself. If it is possible take a break and do something completely different and start over after a while.

It is important to just write and not start editing. This can get you stuck. Let the editing be last thing you do.

Sometimes I have found it difficult to start with the introduction and get it right from the beginning. I usually write something and then go on to work on the body and then go back to the outline, introduction and thesis and make any necessary changes. It is a personal matter and you will hear other writers say something else. The important thing is to keep on writing and move on if you get stuck in my opinion.

Then finally it is good to “back track” yourself. Read the conclusion first and then move upwards to the beginning and make sure everything holds together and make sense.

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  • The timeless guidelines that you outlined in your newest blog post are succinct, great to follow, and as peoples writing skills develop they’ll be rewarded with the natural outcome of their skill.

    No matter what don’t miss the last point. Take the time to “back track” following the simple step and it’ll make certain that your writing is more cohesive. That’s what creates great reading!

    My Two Cents!

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