Get My Software Free- Kinda, Sorta…

Okay, I’ve always been honest with you.

You can get my Instant Article Creator and Instant Essay
Creator Software programs for free, but you’ll have to either
purchase something from Trial Pay or donate to your local United Way.
I have an instant withdrawal from my school paycheck to donate
to my local United Way every time I get paid
– so I don’t mind asking you to support
yours. Your money goes to pay firefighters, ambulance services,
scouts, and dozens of other valuable programs in your area.

I’m testing Trial Pay. I’m sure you’ve seen it. You see a
small banner saying that you can get a product free, but to
your disappointment, you find that you have to order something
else and then you get the original product as a kind of bonus.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to get involved in it, but a reputable
friend named Jinger Jarrett was using it successfully, so I
thought I’d give it a whirl – but be completely up-front with
you about it right from the start.

It’s not a bad deal for you…I charge $67 for my Instant
Article Creator on my site at and you can
get it for a sweet little $30 donation. Or you can order a
useful registry cleaner or even flowers for that special someone.
There’s lots of choices and you only have to order ONE to get
an email with your “free” software download zipped file in it within


If you have products that you’d like to sell with this
innovative practice, just click here and apply…they approved
my two products within hours!

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