Garden Log Cabins: There are More Details Than You Think

Garden log cabins have become quite a popular choice for people who prefer to live a simpler, more rustic, and more quiet lifestyle. The wooden logs and laid-back designs exude a charm that more modern homes have a hard time matching. Even better, a homeowner can select which design or kit he wants that best satisfies his needs and wants. If you want to buy a log cabin, it is best if you know the types and standard designs of log homes.

A typical log cabin kit can be made out of either milled or handcrafted logs, the first one being more common. They can be acquired in three types, depending on the price and what features are included and excluded.

* Shell – these kits are made up of just the logs, or shells, that make up the cabins’ structure.
* Dry In – these kits integrate windows, doors, and the roof so your cabin is weatherproof.
* Turn Key – these kits are complete with interior walls, stairs, trim, and kitchen cabinets. All that is required is to add furniture, appliances, and decors to furnish your home.

The biggest benefit in acquiring log cabin kits is that all the issues, concerns, and problems in the design are already worked out. In fact, if you have a sufficient degree of carpentry skills, you can construct the kit yourself. The logs are numbered or lettered, and an instruction manual is included as a guide. It is a relatively straightforward process to put your kit together.

For a customized kit, the cabin is typically built at the company’s yard. After the structure is finished, it is disassembled, and the parts are delivered to your property. From here, you can assemble the kit yourself or have the crew do it for you.

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