Forex for FREE FAQ…

I copied this directly from the Forex for Free website.

Is it true?  I don’t know.

Go to the link below. If it is not in English, then click on the flag to the right and

it will be. This is a global opportunity, it seems.

Sign up to get your free cash to invest here-if it IS true.

But, it doesn’t cost anything and claims to send you $200 to invest

in Forex-so, what the heck, right?


Is your concept really free ?
Yes its is absolutely fully free, the investor will gift you the money and youВґll never have to pay back the money to him. So its a possibility for you to participate on the forexmarket without investing your own money.

Can i loose money ?
No, just because you are not paying anything.

It sounds to good to be true, is there something wrong?
No, its just a good concept for everybody and no way to loose money.

I canВґt understand why somebody will gift me money, can you explain it to me ?
The first thing is that the investor earns more money if he split the money to a lot of persons. Instead of earning the full amount of the winnings and just the possiblity of investing a small amount of money, its better to invest a lot more money and earn just 25% comissions of the winnings.

The reasons why the investor needs you and why he will have problems if he will invest it all by himself :

Brokers are playing games. They normally donВґt want you to win on the forex market. If you win to much they will find a way to steal you the money.

90% of all traders are loosing all their money, so the brokers are allways speculating on that 90%, they dont put your orders in the market and if you loose, they keep all your money for them, instead of only the spread.

If you are winning and the Broker is not routing the money thru the market, the broker will loose and he will stop you to make money somehow.

This was a big problem for many people who invested bigger amounts in the market.

The only solution is to split the money to many many clients and get a commission of 25% of the winnings.

Rather get 25% of the winnings with 20 millions invest instead of having just a few millions and get 100% of winnings, thats a simple formular.

What do i have to do to be part of ?
Just register you an account with Liberty Reserve (donВґt forget to activate it)
Then Sign up here
And very important, make sure that you will recieve every email we will send to you.

What is about my friends, can i invite them to your concept?
Yes, sure. The investor is able to “sponsor” at least 30.000 People with each 200 US$, if you invite your friends, you will get additional comission on direct signups of 20$ and indirect signups of 10$,  you need to transfer that money into the Ref commission account to let it grow too. So later on you will have more money available to start with the broker account.

Is the “gift” of 200$ already invested ?
Yes it is, its working allready with the investors broker accounts.

Is there a limit of Members sign in?
Yes, it depends on the investor. If there are not enough people outside to join this concept he will stop this. So its nessesary to get more people involved in this project.

Who is the investor ?
The investors name is confidential, but we can tell you this:
His invest capital is above 240 Millions.
160 Millions he invested in “safe-long-term” invests, with an average winning of about 7% a year that means about 11 mil. of winnings
50 Millions from his capital are in medium term invests, with an average winning of about 20% a year that means about 10 mil. of winnings
from the remaining 30 millions he invested in different kind of fast and high profit investment.
His target with this project is to earn the same amount of money per year like with his “main-safe-invest” of 160 mil.

Who are you ?
We offered this opportunity to the investor and he agree, so we need to realize it, we will get our comission from him in another way.

How long will it take to get the 200$ gift to my account after i did the sign up ?
it takes normally about 24 Hours.

Sign up here-hope it’s real! 🙂

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