Facts about Web Designing

What is web design? This can be defined as the act of planning or the process of creating a website. These processes can include the planning, the research, the concept to use, the advertisement etc. there are lots of applications that can be used to design a website, they are Microsoft Dream weaver, Netbean, and Microsoft Office FrontPage etc. have you heard of cms web design before? This refers to the Content Management System; it enables the site owner to able to manage his or her website as well as control contains that are within his or her website. In this regard, the website owner now has the power to add images, audios, videos that he or she wants to be displayed on his or her website, as well as delete any of these items. This also enables designers with little or no experience in html to design a website. That’s to say, if you only have a little knowledge about Microsoft word, you will find it easy to manage the contents of your website. Web design can also be down using the computer notepad, but here the designer have to enter the entire html codes one after the other.

One may ask who designs the web. A website designer refers to a computer system programmer who specializes on website creating and design. In some cases, he or she may not be a computer programmer, but most be able to have one or to programming skills. For one to design a good site, he or she has to make use of certain tools that will aim him or her. These tools are web designing applications to design the pages, graphic applications to design the site contains of the website, as well as a database application to handle the storing of information in the site. For you to be a good web designer, you have to be creative. This is to say, you don’t have to copy other peoples concepts or duplicate other designers work. You must also know the new changes in the internet industry in other for you not to use old concept to design a modern site. You must also be able to know the number of graphics that will be displayed on the site, the right color for the website, the number of pages the site will contain, as well as other services that are expected in the site.


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