Essential Web Design Tips

Website design with fast loading time, clear navigation, good resolution, browser compatibility and readable and professional looking fonts are all crucial ingredients of great web design.

Here are some essential web design tips that every web site should follow. Design your web site by following these tips and I guarantee that visitors will have a great first impression of your site.

1. Fast Loading web site designs – This is the number 1 tip that every web designer should follow. You might design a web site that looks great but few people are going to see it if it takes a long time to load. Your designs should be optimized for the web and should not take more than 15 seconds to load. Remember, you might have a great design but very few people are going to see it if it takes a long time to load.

2. Clear Navigation – Once a visitor has come to your site you need to make them go through your site. To do this you need to have clear navigation. Make sure all your important links are at prominent places. Preferably right on top – that’s usually where a visitor first looks. Make use of menus on the right and the left. Try to link to as many pages of your site. Let your information be accessible from all parts of the site. You never know what a visitor may be interested in. Try to also use the footer for your vital links

3. All Resolutions – Nowadays, there are computers with all kinds of resolution. They range from 640 x 480 to much, much higher than just a couple of years ago. Your job is to design your site for all these resolutions. The best way to do this is to design your site in terms of percentage and not pixels.

4. Browser Compatibility – Make sure your site is browser compatible. Your web site should look good in  Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc, as well as in Internet Explorer. Don’t stop designing your site as soon as you find that it looks great on IE. Other browsers can give some problems, especially when you try doing complicated HTML designs. But don’t give up too soon, usually with patience these problems can be easily fixed.

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