Direct Mail Tips for Internet Marketers

Like all Internet marketers, you are most likely to be used to doing all your business online. A number of possible offline marketing methods are available too. One way to have a successful marketing campaign for your business is to use direct mail.

Any piece of mail that is sent directly to a person is considered direct mail. This probably sounds like a lot of work, and that is because it can be a tedious task. But as you well know, the most fruitful endeavors are the ones in which you worked the hardest. By sending out information about your business or your products to people via direct mail, you could boost your sales to never before seen heights. In order to help you along this path, here are some tips.


Direct mail works for any industry.  I have seen powerful results, for example, by an autoglass company for sending out coupons.
Keep your direct mail campaigns small and targeted. It would not make sense to dispatch a letter concerning your new lawn gnome product line to individuals who reside in apartments. Think about what you are sending and to who, and make sure it makes sense before you waste the postage on sending it out. Always make sure to check the addresses on your mailing list and look to see if they go to apartments, dormitories, or multi-family residences. Do you know if it’s in the rural area or the suburbs? These are subtle distinctions that can actually tell you a lot about where you should be mailing. People would much prefer getting mail that’s not intended to sell them something whether you’re marketing via email or snail mail. Keeping this mind, send out a newsletter every now and then that touches on some community issues or gives information about advancements in your chosen niche, rather than always trying to sell something. Sending out several of these informational letters during the year will incline people to open the mail they receive from you, especially when they know you’re not going to try to sell them something. Everyone likes to receive something for free, even if it’s just a newsletter!

Simple pieces work the best, especially for brick and mortar stores like an auto glass replacement store.
One thing you should do when starting out your campaign is to use real stamps to send the mail to a very small audience. You will definitely want to use those convenient automatic postage machines that the post office supplies, but if you start out with real stamps you will be giving your mail a personal flare that none of your competitors will have. When you do little things like this, people love it because it looks like you made more of an effort to send the letter to them. Individuals will more likely show an interest in direct mail that is personalized.

You shouldn’t be afraid to use direct mail at all. Direct mail could seem like it would be harder to use, especially if you are an Internet marketer. But the only way you can succeed in your Internet marketing campaign is to allow people to know more about you and devote time to both online marketing and offline marketing.

When you send out direct mail, you are allowing people to get to know you and your business a bit more. The reasons this works is because not everyone is Internet savvy and can find this info online. Not everybody spends a lot of time online. Direct mail could be one of your more surprising marketing campaigns by bringing you sales you never imagined!

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