5 Ways The Gurus Use PLR Content For Huge Profits

5 Ways The Gurus Use PLR Content For Huge Profits

I always recommend using PLR content in your business. It makes creating content so much easier. However, a lot of people think it’s just a tactic that newbies use. They’re terribly wrong. There are multi-million dollar marketers out there using PLR content and making a killing by doing so.

Here are 5 ways hugely successful online business owners are using PLR in their business…

Coaching Membership

You can create a membership site where you give people access to categorized video tutorials on a subject. This would probably work best in the Internet marketing niche, but there are also many other niches out there that this would work for. It’s just hard to find PLR for the other niche.

Differentiate your site by giving people access to you via email and/or via weekly webinars so people can come in your site and learn, and then you have there to help them.

YES! You can do this even if you’re not an expert. Just go over all content that will be in your site so you can answer their questions. If you can’t answer a question you can always ask for the answer in forums or find yourself a good mentor to help you .

To be able to do this you will need:

Membership – Profits Theme
JV Zoo with Paypal

TIP: To brand yourself more make sure you do some of your own videos. Like a welcome video on the main page. You can also do intro videos and recap videos for each video tutorial. This will help you get members to your site, and keep them because they will feel like they know you.

Teaser Squeeze Page

With this tacitc, you will create a squeeze page to give away a few of the videos from your product, and then as soon as someone subscribes offer the rest of the videos for a small fee. ($10-$20)

This will allow you to build a list (which you can also make money from), and make money from the upsell.

Product Plus Coaching

When using this tactic you will setup a product that you have the right to sell, but also offer your help on implementing what the product teaches.

All you would need to do is go through the product so you know how to answer people when they ask questions. This will add a lot of value to what you’re selling and people will be more likely to buy than if you just set it up for sale with no coaching.

Money Making Reports To Upsell

Now this is a great little tactic… Pick a topic related to a way to make money online. Write or have a report written on how to make money with your topic. Set up a squeeze page to give away that report, and find a related PLR product to use as an upsell.

TIP: You could use the Product Plus Coaching tactic as your upsell, and have something that sells really well!

Tutorial Sites

With this tactic your using PLR video products to create a tutorial site. You can either sell access so people get all the tutorials at once or you can sell them individually. Use your favorite search engine to search for tutorial sites and see how they are designing their sites and charging for access to get ideas for your own tutorial site.

As you can see PLR content isn’t just for newbies. There’s lots of great ways for any person who wants to create an online business to use PLR content to do so!

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10 Ultra Profitable Ideas For Using Private Label Rights Products

10 Ultra Profitable Ideas For Using Private Label Rights Products

I talk to a lot of people who have tons of (PLR) private label rights products on there hard drive and 95% of them (probably more) aren’t doing anything with them.

Now in my opinion if you can get private label rights to something (no matter what niche it’s in) you should buy it. Private label rights are the ONLY thing you will ever hear me tell you to buy it all, but I say it for a good reason!

Private label rights products are GOLD because of all the profitable things you can do with them.

I wrote this blog post to give you 10 different profitable ways that you can use private label rights content to make yourself some money.

Takes notes, print this blog post out, or whatever you have to do, but take action on what I’m about to share with you. It will make you money…

Tactic #1: Video Marketing – Take all those PLR articles you have and create a slideshow video with your voice reading the article on the video. You could do several of these and submit them to the top video directories for a ton of backlinks to your money site!

Tactic #2:  Blog Posts – Any type of PLR content makes great blog posts. Comb through your hard drive and organize your PLR content into niches. Then take the first product and create a blog post with it. You could chop up ebooks, reports, and/or videos and post them. You could also post PLR articles as they are.

When you get one niche blog going, move on to another niche! This will give you multiple streams of income!

Tactic #3: Paid Newsletter – Find several different ebooks in one niche. Then use them to create monthly newsletters, and charge for access!

Tactic #4: Your Own PLR Product – Combine several PLR products and create your own unique PLR product. (Make sure you have the right to offer rights with the content you use.)

Tactic #5: Video Product – Take an ebook you have PLR to and either turn it into a video series yourself or pay someone over at Guru.com to do it for you. This will give you an instant unique product you could sell. With this tactic you could be in several niches with several different products.

Again, that means multiple streams of income!

Tactic #6: Article Marketing – Rewrite PLR articles and post them on as many web 2.0 properties (Squidoo, HubPages, Weebly, BlinkWeb, etc.) This is another great way to get tons of backlinks to your money site!

Tactic #7: Affiliate Tools – Have your own products? Then use PLR content to create brandable reports that advertise your product. Then allow your affiliates to brand them with their own affiliate links.

Tactic #8: Go High Ticket – Bundle several PLR products in the same niche together and turn them into a physical product. You can charge a lot more for this kind of product, so you’ll be making more money!

Tactic #9: Free Offer – Turn a PLR product into a free offer that you use to give away from a squeeze page. This will allow you to have something to entice people into giving up their name and email address and you can build your list.

Tactic #10: Back End Products – You’ll never get rich selling ONE product. So take those PLR products and turn them into backend products that you can sell to existing customers.

Okay, there you go. Take this information and go start making some money!

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How To Use PLR Products To Create Online Businesses


How To Use PLR Products To Create Online Businesses

If you’ve been reading my stuff for very long you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE products that I can get the private label rights to. Right now I have over 25 gigs of PLR content on my computer and I use a bit at least 3-4 times a week in various niches. So today I just wanted to share a few ways that I use PLR content to make money in my affiliate marketing businesses, my niche businesses, and in teaching Internet marketing.

1. Squeeze pages – The first part of every marketing campaign is setting up a squeeze page. I create a squeeze page about once a week for my various niches and offers within those niches. When doing so I always grab some related PLR content and reuse it for giveaways for the squeeze page.

2. Bonus offers – A great tactic in affiliate marketing is to create bonus packages to entice people to buy through your links. PLR content is a great way to create huge unique bonus offers. Just make sure you use content that is related to the topic of the product you are promoting.

3. Educational content – The one thing I always need is content to educate my readers on the topic they are interested in. For instance I’m in the personal finance niche. I send the people on my list for that niche all kinds of things to educate them. This makes them like me because I’m giving them stuff, and trust me because I’m seen as an expert. Those two things will get people BUYING from you!

4. Resell Rights Products – Another great tactic I have used it to setup a product you have PLR to on a domain name. Make sure the domain name is related to the topic of the PLR product. Then have an upsell where they can get the rights to sell the product. You can offer regular resell rights (where only they can sell the product and not their customers too) or master resell rights (where they and their customer can sell the product) as the upsell for the product.

5. Niche Membership Sites – I have 3 different niche memberships that bring me in monthly cash and I use nothing but PLR content in them. All of them are in niches outside of Internet marketing, but they are HUGE niches. Each month I put a ton of new content in, and the members love it. This is a great tactic for creating a recurring income!

6. Create huge products – The biggest a product is the more money you can charge for it. A lot of times I will find several different PLR products and put them together to create a huge product. Take a few video tutorials, some reports, a few ebooks, and bam you can have a huge product that people will pay a premium price for!

7. Content sites – I have made money for several years now with Adsense. However I make a little money from each site so I don’t like spending a ton on content. I create at least a hundred sites a year so that would get expensive if I had to pay for content. I simply break up PLR ebooks into articles and create awesome content sites that do really well!

I could go on and on here… My point is there are a ton of ways to make money with PLR products and the 7 tactics I just spelled out for you could all be business models on their own! So when you come across a PLR offer make sure you snatch it up. You’ll be amazed at all the different ways you can use PLR to help you in your business!

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7 Important Reasons Why Online Marketers Work With Mini-Sites – Create One Effortlessly And Rapidly!

The use of mini-sites has become the mainstream for most web marketers. Some individuals claim mini-sites to be “trendy”, when others know they are here to stay.

Their use isn’t just a fad, mini-sites outperform every other kind of site in the history of the internet as long as they are applied wisely.  

Here are critical reasons why we see them used everywhere we surf:

1) They can be designed swiftly! Any marketer will tell you, if you don’t know already, time is essential when selling any item. The quicker a sales letter, order page, and product gets in front of buyers, the faster you make profits.   

2) They can be generated effortlessly! Why waste precious time and effort struggling to make a massive informational site to sell a product?  

3) Mini-sites are cost effective! Everyone wants to save a buck these days, specifically with the way our economy is going. Why pay the additional $300 to have a webmaster or designer produce one for you when you can construct your own free?

4) Mini-sites have a primary focus! They focus on one objective, usually to call a person to act to subscribe to a newsletter, click an order button, or click a link on a website referring them to an item.

The more narrow the focus, the much less confused guests are going to be.

5) You’ll be able to test headlines and sub-headers faster! If the websites can be built quicker and simpler, don’t you believe they can be tested quicker to see what works and doesn’t work? It sounds like a major “cha-ching” to me!

6) Mini-sites can be tested for search engine optimization rapidly too! You don’t have as many pages to go through. The fewer pages you generate, the more time is saved so you can do other things like write articles or create another site you can sell products or link to.  

7) Mini-sites are so simple and quick to create. You can generate many for different purposes! I use them as a way to make different streams of earnings and lists.

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Webhosting For Newcomers: Stuff To Ask A Possible Provider

Being regarded now as one of the basic human necessities along with the food cloth and shelter, internet is the foundation of the future of the world. Gone are the days when merchants relied on caravans, cargo and embellished stories to sell their merchandise. Today, a trader in India selling his idea to an entrepreneur in UK; web hosting is the key of such a worldwide miracle. Some of the more prominent services of this kind are delivered by UK web hosting companies.

Being made insanely easy by techno wizards judging from the boom of the internet traffic, the service no longer requires highly qualified and exorbitant consultants. The entire process of website hosting has been scaled down to the simple process of buy and start using. From there on, it is the service providers head ache to keep your endeavor in pristine condition.

Having no knowledge about website hosting and management, an entry level web guru with limited or no computer background should keep a few things in mind so as to avoid any obstacles on the way. Few elementary yet very brief outlines have been defined for beginners to successfully host and run a website of their own. As their experience grows, so will the rules and regulations expand in terms of web hosting.

Since one cannot utilize the services of a web hosting provider without having a website, a website is the primary and key ingredient. No genre of website is restricted to be hosted on the web thus giving the website owner or developer unlimited options to choose from. A prudent move will be to simply create a website that the owner enjoys or simply have a passion for; it turns the job into a hobby which is one of the first yet greatest step towards success.

With a finished and functional website in tow, the next step is choosing the correct web server to upload the website. A plethora of provider companies are available to choose from, each with its own sets of benefits for the website owner. Choosing the right server for website is extremely crucial with some of the most efficient servers being located in USA and UK.

These services can be acquired for a certain amount of annual fee that vary from one service provider to another. The charges are also directly proportional to the volume of a website; i. E., the heavier the website, the greater the charges will be. It is also at the discretion of the service provider to revise and propose different amount for a website judging from the level of popularity of the website.

Domain name, by which the address or name of a website goes, is also provided by a number of web hosting providers. Depending on the exclusivity of the domain name, they also come at a fee since the providers retains their ownership and lease it to the website owner over a contract. The more popular the domain name, the higher its annual fee.

What is left after these two stages is simply the technical support by the service provider helping the site owner upload and manage their website. Facilitating their clients with some of the best technical and security services, the finest USA and UK web hosting providers are as far as the click of a mouse. So it is time every business owner got the website they always wanted.