About Kristi Sayles

What do you want to know about me? Well….

I’ve been a
 teacher consultant for the West Tennessee Writing Project for ten
years, and I’ll be in my fourteenth year of teaching at Camden Elementary
School in Camden, Tennessee.

My most
recent accomplishments are to be included on the Self-Growth Experts website. 

Check that out here.

I’ve recently been included in the 2007-2008
Who’s Who in American Education and the most recent edition of
Who’s Who of American Entrepreneurs.

I have a online talk show called “Talk
with Experts Teleseminars”
in which I interview successful internet
marketers and get them to give us the secrets to their success-but more
importantly, the RECIPE
so that we can experience the same kind of wealth and good fortune.
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My successes
in getting published have mainly been in the business genre, although
I’ve had work accepted by others as well. I’ve had several
articles published by national business magazines and ezines including
Home Business Connection, Home Business Journal, Cutting Edge
Opportunities, Inet Exec, Executive Update, Spirit, and The Plain Truth.

Not long
ago, I had an article published in ‘News Teachers Use.’ It’s a
publication that goes out to all schools in the nation. My principal
gave me a “smiley face.”

published books include:
(Click on the underlined words to see
more about the books.)

– This book offers solid advice on setting and
achieving goals. It’s like having your own personal goal-setting coach.

Amazing Ad Tips
– Need to boost your profits? Read this
and find several ways.

Monkey-The Trouble with Lying
– Jacob enjoys the attention
he gets when he brags about having a pet monkey named Funny Face-until
his teacher announces a “Pet’s Day.” (This is based on a true story-but
the names have been changed. Actually, every name in the book belongs
to one of my family members. I did that just for fun. Writing should be
fun! 🙂

I’m now using my writing
expertise to attempt to dominate the writing software world. I have a
collection of twenty-two programs that comprise the Smart
Author Software Collection that can be purchased individually or
as a collection from links at  SmartAuthor.com    

 I offer free
updates and discounts for other software to all who order.

 I’m the author and
publisher of two newsletters- I Can Make Cash Ezine , and Writer’s
EDGE Newsletter.
 The first one is for writers that want to
get paid and published. The second one is for people who want me
to mentor them on how to make money on the Internet.

What can my
software teach you to write?

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Author Software Products and Testimonials Here!


Software Instantly Generates:

Your Child and
: This is my child development
site. Come introduce yourself in my forum. Post your questions, your
parenting tips, or just introduce yourself.

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either of these software products, direct your mouse HERE for
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professionally-made CD.


Who’s Who in American Education

Who’s Who of American Entrepreneurs

Who’s Who of American Business Women

Who’s Who of American Teachers

Who’s Who of American Women

I was honored to be interviewed by Scribes
World in the October issue.

I’ve had articles published by several
well-known national magazines and ezines.

  • The Plain Truth
  • Success
  • Entrepreneur
  • Cutting Edge Opportunities
  • Home Business Opportunities
  • Home Business Journal
  • GRIT

(Dozens of smaller magazines and ezines)

Highly Recommended Business Opportunity


 I have a newsletter just for people that
want to learn to make money on the Internet. It’s at I Can Make Cash.com

People can subscribe from the site or just send
any email HERE now
to start receiving valuable information on how to make money on the
internet, get valuable business-building software, and more.

Contact Information

Author Software

125 McKelvy RD 

Camden TN 38320   USA

Work phone:

Contact HERE

Your Child and You This is my
favorite parenting site-it’s mine!

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Smart Author Software

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My Writer Site and Blog Author’s
Den ( I need to update this.)

Monkey-The Trouble with Lying
(my first children’s book)

The Day I Woke
Up As An Ostrich-An Odd Collection

A wonderful collection of short stories, poems, songs; and a
provocative look at how some quotes from the Bible have been
misquoted-among other thoughts and fun stuff.

Tell All

(I wrote this ebook several years ago, but the
concepts and ideas are still fresh.)

This is what one reviewer wrote…

The practical advice in Kristi Sayles’ book
will save the prospective entrepreneur valuable time and money as he or
she launches a new business. What basic tools and mindset are needed to
be successful? Where are some places to find help with a new business?
How much capital is needed to begin? Answers to these questions and
many more are found in Entrepreneur$ Tell All.

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quite cozy and makes the statement I like to portray-America Bless God.

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A 5-star review

By Aainaalya A.

Kristi Sayles decided to become a professional
writer and educator, after her teacher in third grade chose the play
that she had written to perform in front of the whole school.

 After that success, she was more than
hooked. She wanted to write more than anything else, and she sat to
pave and trailblaze the Literary World. As most writers know it doesn’t
take long to break a writer especially in the industry.

 In her own words “In high school, I was
elected “Literary Editor” for our school newspaper. I added
several original poems to the paper, as well as the pieces in which I
interviewed people. It was a good foundation for the freelancing I did
later. Although I had the desire to be a writer, I didn’t get my
first “real” article published until several years later.
GRIT accepted a piece about the dangers of mixing kids and toy guns and
paid me $35.00! I was on my way to fame and fortune. Or so I thought.

After several rejections, I discovered that
writing is not for the faint of heart or thin-skinned. I figured out
that good writing means rewriting, so I did a lot of it! I bought a
Writer’s Market Book, subscribed to Writer’s Digest, and
began to research how to write a successful query letter. Armed with
this load of information, I set out to get published in the business
realm since it seemed to be easier to break into than the larger
consumer magazines.

 The Plain Truth paid me $350 for a piece
I had written about a bad experience with a man when I was in between
husbands. It was entitled, “My Knight in
Shining Armor-That Wasn’t.”
I have found that any
experience can be used successfully for personal essays. There are
people out there that need to know that they are not the only ones who
go through such trials. I actually received fan mail from people that
wrote to thank me for giving them the courage to leave their abusive
boyfriends and husbands. That’s the kind of reward that goes
beyond an acceptance check!”

 As the story goes, Kristi is an
intelligent and persevering woman. With rich experiences as a caring
mother and wife, she went from reporter~journalist to writing software
that facilitates you from thinking too much, all at the push of a

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