99% of Product Owners Are Losing The War – Are You One Of Them?

Imagine This…

” You are at war with your most hated enemy. You are in command of 50,000 troops ready to march onto the battle field. As you see the enemy just beyond the horizon, you look back over your army and to your horror you discover…

Total chaos and confusion! All battalions are going in different directions. Some are only armed with water pistols instead of weapons. Some are only interested in fighting each other. And the worst part is… You cannot communicate with them; you haven’t provided them any weapons, resources, or plans. All you can do is cross your fingers and hope they figure it out on their own.

Can you fight a war like this? Of course you can’t, but that’s exactly what 99% of product owners are doing with their businesses…. They have no clue and they WILL lose.

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