7 Great Tips For Creating A High Converting Mini Site

Are your mini sites converting prospects as well as you hoped?

Lets face it; at one time or another you’ve probably created a mini site for our own product or an affiliate product only to feel it was a total waste of time, because the mini site didn’t convert well. So …

Lets take a look at 7 things you must incorporate into your mini site to make it convert like gang-busters.

1 – *Use Keywords To Attract Hot Prospects To Your Mini Site*

Using keywords in your domain name, title, description, headline, and throughout your sales letter is essential to good search engine placement, and allows hot prospects to find your offer much easier.

2 – *Make Your Mini Site Look Professional*

The proper use of fonts, graphics, and white-space in your mini site is a must, if you hope to look professional.

Looking professional builds trust in your prospects mind.

3 – *Keep All Pages Throughout Your Mini Site Consistent*

Don’t confuse prospects with inconsistent pages; keep the background, bullet, footer, and header graphics consistent throughout all the pages that make-up your mini site.

4 – *Don’t Try To Sell On Your Mini Site*

It may sound strange, but you shouldn’t be trying to sell on your mini site.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t make sales, because you should, but don’t try to sell your prospects (No-one likes to be sold to), instead talk to your prospects like you’re talking one-on-one with a friend.

5 – *Repeat Key Points Throughout Your Mini Site*

Any key points within your mini site should be repeated at least 3 – 5 times.

6 – *Use Short Audios & Videos Throughout Your Mini Site*

Lets face it, as the internet progresses audio and/or video becomes more important to use; everyone these days is expecting a true multi-media experience; don’t disappoint.

7 – *Tell A Great Story On Your Mini Site*

Although the medium has changed throughout the years, human nature has not; since the beginning of time, mankind has loved stories.

When building your mini site, be sure to capture and hold your prospects attention with a great story.

You’ve just read 7 great tips for creating a high converting mini site; but these 7 tips are only a small portion of the things you need to do to really increase your mini sites profit potential.

I’m sorry, but there just isn’t enough space here to cover anymore tips. But …

You should try to uncover all the tips you can to really understand the untapped profit potential of your mini sites.

You should try to …

Discover how-to turn your mini sites into Cash Machines!

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