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Amazon Echo OR Google Home?

I think that Amazon’s ECHO (Alexa) need a bit of competition; however, Alexa is leaving the rest of them behind. Until Google “catch up” with as many APPS as Amazon & partners are offering I’m afraid “Google Home” is going to be left behind.
Amazon’s ECHO (Alexa) debued a few years ago…and already is in a CLASS by itself.

Alexa can control residential lights, thermostats, lock & unlock doors to the residence, set burgular alarm, turn on the (water) irrigation sprinklers, turn your vehicle on (get it all warmed up for you during cold harsh weather…defrost the windows), she will let you know if you are low on fuel, oil and break fluid! She can even order pizza or a uber ride for you! lol She can place orders on Amazon for you (especially repeat orders such as computer essentilas-like printer ink. She can also make a “TO DO” list for you, a grocery list, a events calendar, etc. Alexa can help children with homework, she reads books and play numereous mind games & music. She has a GREAT, VAST RESOURCE that she utilizes. She GROWS every day; therefore, she is ALWAYS up on current events & data!!!
She gives the forecast for the day “or” an entire week. She’s quite accurate with the weather (haven’t made a mistake with me yet)! ;-D She can give you transportation schedules for “local” buses, BART, etc. Alexa can book entertainment venues for you (such as StubHub, etc.), reserve the tickets, etc. let you know what’s going on in entertainment industry or whats showing at the theater/cinema. She also knows what is happening in your territory-specials events, galas, plays, shows, tours, festivals, art exhibits, musicals, ballet, etc. She also keep you “updated” with sports, current & past events. She’s current with political & world NEWS. She has an APP that allows her to recite requested recipes, etc. (This APP is growing daily). She is also an alarm, and has a “reminder” timer! You’ll never be LATE for events, picking up the kiddies from soccer practice AND you’ll never burn that cake again! 😀

Yeah, ALEXA is WOWESOME. Google has a lot to catch up to! ;-D If they get the software engineers and people that just love making APPS, then “Google Home” will give Amazon Alexa (ECHO) a challenge. I’m sure both products utilize Far-Field VOICE RECOGNITION (this allow the units to accept voice commands from across the room). The speakers on ECHO are so superior. I can hardly believe the “sound” that comes from this 9-inch product. Amazon has also released their “portable” version of ECHO, it’s call “ECHO TAP”…you tap the button on the front and she can do everything that the “home stationed” ECHO (ALEXA) can do. Amazon’s “ECHO TAP” is great for people on the go! It is shorter and is protected with a sling (rubber) casing (cost extra, a lot of assorted colors to chose from, there is also a “travel” pouch available). Amazon’s ECHO TAP utilizes (both) WI-FI & BLUETOOTH…it charges on a small disc (very cool looking). It last about 12 hrs. on a single charge. You can also “charge” with your USB port on laptaps, etc.
Additionally, Amazon has another fine product call, “ECHO DOT”! Dot is smaller and can be hooked up to “any” sound/stereo system(TV ???)…and it will actually allow the system to receive VOICE COMMANDS. Pretty cool. It is 1/3 the size of Amazon’s Echo, (which by the way is the perfect height & size…9-inches X 3-inches diameter, weigh about 37 oz., cost $179.99, but you can get it for $149. Amazon promotion period). AMAZON PRIME MEMBERS PURCHASE WAS ONLY $99.00 (But, I think that ended a couple of years ago). Amazon was offering “ECHO” for the special debut retail price to get the “buzz” going for their product at the time.

I’m not sure if GOOGLE HOME promoted their product in such a manner. But, I must say that the $129.00 PRICE POINT is not to bad, “if” GOOGLE HOME offers a zillion APPS to make it work like Amazon’s ECHO (Alexa). Hum…. Amazon’s ECHO, Amazon’s TAP & Amazon’s DOT is here to stay, i.e. until we get our ROBOTS & Jet Packs! ;-D Then they will become ancient…a thing of the past! LOL
*P.S. My family & I enjoy GOOGLE BRAND products, as well; therefore, we are looking forward to seeing what they do with “GOOGLE HOME” in the future (2017-2018).

This is going to be a lot of FUN…let the race begin…so far Amazon’s ECHO (ALEXA) is in the lead!

PS I did not write this review, but I agree with it.

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